Lone Worker Protection

A lone worker is anyone who essentially is working on their own and away from home

or office. Lone workers include:

– Self employed persons

– Persons working away from their office base such as sales executives

– After hours personnel such as cleaners

– Health workers such as doctors and nurses

– Persons working in dangerous environments such as mining and gas

– Persons working  with mental health patients

Employers need to ensure the safety and protection of lone workers in the same

manner as they would for other employees.


Telecare (per Wikipedia) is the term for offering remote care of elderly and physically less able people, providing the care and reassurance needed to allow them to remain living in their own

homes. The use of sensors may be part of a package which can provide support for

people with illnesses such as dementia, or people at risk of falling. Most telecare

mitigates harm by reacting to untoward events and raising a help response quickly.

Some telecare, such as safety confirmation and lifestyle monitoring have a preventive

function in that a deterioration in the telecare user’s wellbeing can be spotted at an early stage.

Avatar provides Telecare through a mobile device with either 1 button or 4 buttons

The key features of this service are :

SOS – can call up to 3 pre-programmed numbers in sequence until at least 1 person

answers the call

Location request

Geo-fence alerts


Listen In


Fall Detection

With the Avatar solution people are able to stay at home longer, maintain independence

for longer and feel safe and secure knowing they have instant access to assistance

The persons caring for vulnerable people are also being looked after as part of a duty

of care by having access to a device as a lone worker

Vehicle and Asset Management

The advanced telematics solutions supplied to Avatar by Scope Technologies are

designed and engineered around next generation architecture, an open platform

that allows for inter connectivity between content providers, call centres and in-vehicle

Hardware platforms

We cater for fleet, insurance and after market industries using 4 hardware devices

Reporting to the powerful Mzone platform

Asset management

Avatar can manage tangible assets using NFC technology or portable asset tracking


Monitoring  24×7

Avatar has a full API which allows all events generated by devices to our platform

to be sent seamlessly into a control room environment

If a client wishes to use in-house monitoring Avatar has its own web software that can be utilized